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To aware and empower women, children and youth for sustainable unity, valued life and self reliant development.


Women and children have opportunity to achieve their fullest potential, experience equality, participate and contribute to all aspects of life.


To uplift women for realization of their women-hood, rights and to create culture of justice, equality and peace.

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Ezaz-e-Niswan Development Organization intends to dignify women in the society. Appended hereunder are the objectives of the organization:

  1. To promote education among women, children and youth for future leadership.
  2. To help economic uplift of women and families through the expension

    of micro finance schemes.

  1. To facilitate improvement of basic health conditions through the sustainable services

     of volunteery health workers.

  1. To enable women to achieve political participation and involvment in descion

     making process in the society.

  1. To build solidarity and a spirit of sisterhood among women of other faiths so as to

     promote peaceful co-existance, justice and healing.

  1. To raise awareness about human rights, gender inequality, interfaith harmony and

    enviornmental issues.

Justice and Equality: EDO believes in the dignity and equality of every human being, they are free to exercise their rights as defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

 Reciprocity: EDO believes that civil society cannot thrive without mutual respect, with which they themselves wish to be treated.

Knowledge: EDO realizes the need of increased awareness and knowledge among women and children.

Vision: EDO recognizes conflict and terror in today’s world with optimistic approach, it promotes tolerance, unity, peaceful co-existence and interfaith harmony.

Courage: EDO believes in social justice and remains hopeful that most people will gain qualities of legitimacy, transparency and accountability.

Governance: EDO practices participatory governance and honour the principles of democratic civil society.

Women Leadership: EDO believes in women leadership and empowers them for dynamic role in the society.

  1. Member of United Religions Initative (URI)
  2. Board of Directors, Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO), Islamabad
  3. Board of directors, Women Empowerment Organization (WEO)
  4. Chairperson, Board of Directors, Commission for Peace and Human Development

    (CCHD), Lahore

  1. Member, Christian Study Centre, National network Rawalpindi
  2. National Coordinator of the Inter-faith Harmony Network of Christian Study

    Centre, Rawalpindi 

  1. Member, Shirkat Gah, Lahore
  2. Member. Sargodha Participatory Development Network (SPDN)
  3. Member AWAZ District Fourm Sarogdha.
  1. Ezaz-e-Niswan Development Organization has established Working relationship with other NGO’s in Sargodha.
  2. The Ezaz-e-Niswan Development Organization has 35 volunteers (male, female) in various areas in Sargodha.
  3. The organization runs activities with the help of volunteers and full time workers.
  4. Field workers conduct different activities among people in Sargodha District.
  5. The board of directors of the organization is formed of 7 members who approve annual budget and activities.
  6. Office staff has been deputed to carry out the documentation, correspondence and other arrangements systematically.
  7. The executive secretary is engaged in implementing policies chalked out by the board of directors and general body members.
  8. The Chairperson is responsible for entire activities and outcomes of the organization.
  1. Finance Policy
  2. Impact Assessment Policy
  3. Risk Analysis
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation Policy
  5. Reserve fund policy
  6. Risk Management Policy
  7. Recruitment Policy


List of Governing Body 2015 – 2019



House No. 07, street No. 01,John Colony, Sargodha
– Agriculturist

Musarrat Rashid

Voice Chairperson

Umar Road, house No.j/407/D, mohalla Dhok Elahi Baksh, Rawalpindi
– Teacher (Rd)

Naseem George

General Secretary

House No. 167, Rehmat Park, Sargodha
– Social Worker

Rafiqa Naz

Joint Secretary

Chak No. 42, street No. 04, Gilwala, Sargodha
– School Principal

Ijaz Fatima

Finance Secretary

Post office Mitha Lak, district& Tahsil Sargodha
– Social Worker

Humera Yasmeen

Executive Member

House No. 182, Rehmat Park, University Road, Sargodha
– Social Worker

Sunita Maria

Executive Member

Chak No. 46, Street No. 05 Sargodha
– Social Worker

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