Ezaz-e-niswan Development Organization (EDO)

Sargodha – Pakistan


 The Ezaz-e-Niswan Development Organization (EDO) was born in June 2006 out of desire to engage some educated and devoted women for the emancipation of rural based communities in general, the minorities and other marginalized groups in particular. EDO is women led and registered body under the Societies Act 1860 since March 2007.


Human Rights Awareness Among Women

In Sargodha and Jang districts about 500 women were given human rights education, respect and recognition of human dignity. Leadership and volunteer spirit had been promoted among potential women leaders.

Inter-Faith Harmony among Working Youth

In five villages of Sargodha district working youth was contacted and after giving orientation on Inter-faith Harmony, inter-faith cricket teams were formed under the supervision of the local IMAMS.  Within 2 months these teams were ready for cricket tournament. Through these teams five villages learned about inter-faith harmony. The idea was well taken up by the local leaders both men and women. The tournament was a success story of the year through which about 8,000 to 9,000 people were touched for a peaceful co-existence.


The Ezaz-e-Niswan had been inviting other NGOs and saying yes to their call for collaboration on peace, inter-faith harmony and human rights issues. TOTs, Seminars, campaigns and walks had been conducted on the said issues. Pakistani Women Day celebration in coordination with AWAZ program, campaign on removing hate material from textbooks and trainings on voter education.  


Future Plans

  1. Promoting peace and human rights education among women, youth and school children
  2. Empowering women with skills
  3. Promoting peace, equality and unity among school children and youth.
  4. Empowerment of women for conservation of natural resources
  5. Raising awareness on GLOBAL issue through celebration International Days
  6. Working on Health and Sanitation
  7. Peace Education Training workshop for Teachers.
  8. Promoting Peace and Unity Through Composite Heritage Tools
  9. Sensitizing society on Gender Equality, Violence Against Women, Women Protection Laws, Minority Rights, Forced Conversions.
  10. Removal of Hate Material from the school text books.
  11. Mobilization of Religious Minorities to contribute and belong to the mainstream political system.
  12. Voter Education for women in three districts Jhang, Sargodha and Khushab.
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Ezaz-e-Niswan Development Organization (EDO)House No. 04, National Park, Sargodha – 40100, Pakistan.



House No. 04, National Park, Sargodha – 40100, Pakistan.

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